2007 Power Beaming Archive

First ever laser powered climb, by USST.

2007 was the year the games started to get seriously serious, with USST leading the charge. Theirs was the first laser beam, first automatic tracker, and the first integrated base station, built into a modified shipping container - park and shoot!

Narrated, somewhat skeptically, by Ted Semon, who at the time just started the Space Elevator Blog.

By the numbers:

Starting Height: 10 m
Target Height: 100 m
Target Speed: 1 m/s ($0.5M)
Ribbon width: 10 cm (4")
Number of Registered Teams: 20
Competition Date: October 2007
Location: Salt Lake City, UT

A CAD model of the challenge, showing the crane overlaid on the Davis County Event Center.
Official results:

First Place: University of Saskatchewan (no funds awarded)
Top speed:
Avg speed:
Climber weight:

Second place: Kansas City Space Pirates
Third place: LaserMotive

The USST climber illuminated by the laser beam.

Somewhere along the road between the 2007 and 2009 games, Bitter Jester Creative cut this trailer for us, taking a very nice snapshot of where we were at the time. Aquarela do Brasil!

Interviews conducted by Bitter Jester Creative during the 2007 games... The first person shown is NASA's Ken Davidian, without whom absolutely none of this would have been possible.


In the 2007 games we were proud to host team E-T-C from Japan, led by Akira Tsuchida and Shuichi Ohno, who later formed JSEA - the Japanese Space Elevator Association.

JSEA went on to organize its own set of competitions in Japan, which you can follow on their youTube channel.

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