2006 Power Beaming Archive

Even a Journey of a Thousand Miles...

... begins with a single step.

The first successful beam powered climber, by USST

By the numbers:

Starting Height: 5 m
Target Height: 50 m
Target Speed: 1 m/s ($0.5M)
Ribbon width: 10 cm (4")
Number of Registered Teams: 20
Competition Date: October 2006
Location: Las Cruces, NM

The Space Elevator Gamesa at the X-Prize Cup, Las Cruces, NM.
Official results:

First Place: USST (no funds awarded)
Top speed:
Avg speed:
Climber weight:

Second place: Kansas City Space Pirates
Third place: U Michigan

The TurboCrawler climber at the top of the ribbon.

The almost-money climb, USST, 10 seconds too slow. Announcer: Roger Gilbertson

The Year of the Searchlights

In 2006, our initial "teaser concept" of a Space Elevator climber powered by commercial searchlights really took off, led by the USST team. (USST also made first use of a Diode Laser as a booster for their climber). Also in 2006, KCSP's concept of using directly reflected sunlight made its debut. Other concepts included direct solar climber, and Centaurus's Microwave driven climber. We also hosted our first international entry: team Turbo Crawler from Germany. In the pictures above, the MClimber team from the University of Michigan.

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