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Spaceward Publications

  • The Space Elevator Feasibility Condition
    Ben Shelef, The Spaceward Foundation, 2008
    ... The Space Elevator design relies on future technologies ... So what will happen if these technologies under-perform? Will the Space Elevator be "less good", or will it become impossible to build?

  • Space Elevator Power System Analysis and Optimization
    Ben Shelef, The Spaceward Foundation, 2008
    ... Bigger power systems help the climbers move faster ... But they also take up precious cargo mass ... Finding out the optimum size tells us just how much cargo per day it is possible to launch with the Space Elevator.
    [PDF] [Excel Worksheet]

  • Asteroid Slingshot Express
    Ben Shelef, The Spaceward Foundation, 2008
    ... Asteroids are the ideal celestial bodies for Space Elevators ... They rotate fast, and have no gravity ... A Space Elevator can be constructed on an asteroid using kite string! ... but to what end?

  • Space Elevator Calculation Scrapbook
    Ben Shelef, The Spaceward Foundation, 2008
    ... Tether taper profile and mass ... specific strength and velocity-squared ... things that didn't fit anywhere else.
    [HTML] [PDF] (Coming Soon) [Ribbon Mass Worksheet]

SE Reference Material

  • To the Cosmos by Electric Train
    Yuri Artsutanov, Pravda, 1960
    The article that started it all. Yuri Artsutanov, barely two years after the first rocket is launched to space, lays down the facts: Space travel by rocket is bound to be very limited, and here's how we can fix it.

  • Satellite Elongation into a true Sky-Hook
    Isaacs, J., Vine, A. C., Bradner, H. and Bachus, G. E., Science 151, 682-683, 1966.
    An independent study of the Space Elevator concept.

  • The Orbital Tower: A Spacecraft Launcher Using the Earth's Rotational Energy
    Jerome Pearson, USAF, Acta Astronautica 2, 785-799, 1975
    Another independent study of the concept, laying the mathematical foundation for the structure of the Space Elevator.
    [HTML] [PDF]

  • The Space Elevator - a Thought Experiment or the Key to the Universe?
    Sir Arthur C. Clarke, Advances in Earth Oriented Applied Space Technologies. Vol. 1. pp. 39 to 48 Pergamon Press Ltd. 1981

  • NIAC Phase 2 Report
    Edwards, B. C., 2001
    This study marks the beginning of the resurgent interest in the "modern" Space Elevator.

  • Wikipedia overview article.

  • How stuff works also has a nice video to go with.

Other Technical References

  • T. Belytschko et al, "Atomistic Simulations of Nanotube Fracture", PHYSICAL REVIEW B [2002]
    Paper showing computer modeling of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes, showing failure mechanisms that limit CNT strength, such as the Stone-Wales defect, and predicting a specific strength of about 42 MYuri.

  • Ruoff et al., "Mechanical properties of carbon nanotubes: theoretical predictions and experimental measurements", C. R. Physique 4 [2003]
    Follow up paper summarizing experimental results and advanced modeled predictions for CNT strength, largely in agreement with the previous paper.

  • Mason, L. S., "A Solar Dynamic Power Option for Space Solar Power", Technical Memorandum NASA/TM—1999-209380 SAE 99–01–2601, 1999
    A paper discussing space power systems in general, but that touches on low-temperature space-worthy heat radiators.

SE Organizations

  • ISEC
    The newly formed International Space Elevator Consortium will coordinate the activities of all SE organizations and be the go-to group for any Space Elevator activity.

  • The Space Elevator Blog
    The lifeline of the Space Elevator community. If you didn't hear about it on the Space Elevator Blog, it is not true!
    Blogged by Ted Semon

  • JSEA
    Headed by Shuichi Ohno and Akira Tsuchida, the Japanese Space Elevator Consortium was formed in 2007, after Ohno-San and Tsuchida-San participated in the 2007 Space Elevator games as team E-T-C.

SE Science Fiction Works

  • Jack and the Beanstalk - an 1800's tale of horror! "'Fa, fe, fi, fo, fum, I smell the blood of an Englishman"...
  • The Fountains of Paradise, by Sir Arthur C. Clarke [Amazon]
  • The Web Between the Worlds, by Charles Sheffield and Arthur C. Clarke [Amazon]
  • Red Mars, Green Mars, Blue Mars, by Kim Stanley Robinson, a chromology of mars colonization.  [Amazon Amazon Amazon]
  • Star Trek Episode
  • The Moment of Silence, a video game

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